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Monero XMR на Тинькофф


Execution of the application will take from 30 minutes to 3 hours after receiving 6 network confirmations.


To exchange Monero XMR for Tinkoff pass 3 simple steps:


  • specify the number of the bank card for crediting funds and press «exchange»;
  • create an application and translate Monero XMR to the specified address;
  • the funds will be sent to your card after receiving 6 network confirmations.

Authorization and registration are not required, the rate of exchange depends on the network and takes 30 minutes-3 hours. We recommend putting a tx fee of 0.01 or higher to speed up the process of obtaining confirmations and exchanges.

min.: 14 XMR, max.: 2200 XMR
min.: 100000 RUB, max.: 6806934.9 RUB

Укажите 16-ти значный номер банковской карты

Желательно указать, если сумма превышает 150 000 рублей

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